Coiled Rod Well Servicing

Rapid Rod’s coiled rod well-servicing capabilities include installation, removal, and repair of coiled rod. Don’t be fooled by the spool. There is a common misconception that coiled rod is more difficult to install and service than conventional coupled rod. This is simply false. Rapid Rod provides complete, accelerated and cost effective installation of coiled rod with its truck mounted X-celerator™ and Fireblade® welding technologies. The X-celerator™ works in conjunction with the service rig on location so there is no additional time or cost incurred.

Rapid Rod’s Coiled Rod Well Services Include:

Coiled rod is ideal in the most challenging situations:

  • Reducing rod and tubing wear in deviated, slanted or directional well
  • Reducing rod and tubing wear in high operational speed vertical wells
  • Eliminating flow restrictions past couplings in high viscosity wells
  • Eliminating rod fall in thermal wells